Wow photos

How to put WOW in your wow photos.

Just 3 things to remember when you composing your wow photos.

wow photos


1. Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds means that you break down your image into nine squares (thirds) and put the points of interest on a third line (see video) some viewfinders will have this on the screen. Next, look at the edges of the frame…is there anything there of NO interest. Crop out or zoom in to crop out unwanted things…look at ALL four corners.

Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds

2.Lead-in Lines

Most important in creating your wow photos are Lead-in lines. This is THE killer in making wow photos. Look around, if it means moving the camera, tripod….then MOVE. Find a line that will lead your eye into your photo, instead of framing it in landscape format, turn your camera to a portrait format…drop the lens to focus on the foreground and recompose, Already you are starting to see things a little differently and if a naked person walked past and you never noticed…this means you’ve started to create your wow photos.

Lead - in lines

Lead – in lines

Foreground interest

Look for something of interest, look at your feet as well as the near foreground. Look for textures of rocks, seaweed, driftwood…or say you are at a harbour (BTW this is a great way to start practicing as there are LOADS of interest from capstans to seagulls) you may have to move again, which is a pain, however move if you have to. If your concentration starts to fade, just chill out, photography is fun and relaxing….take a flask and have a brew, taking a shot like this sometimes might take up to an hour. Check your exposure and select the area of focus Av is a good mode to start with. Check the exposure/histogram, take a few photos slightly under exposed and check the histogram again…you want a nice even histogram, nothing bunched up, and shoot in Raw mode, this will be useful if you want to edit. Ok, before you dismantle your gear…switch your focus to manual and shoot the whole thing AGAIN…this time YOU focus on what you want to be sharp in the image and take plenty of shots, altering where your focus is aimed.

Foreground interest

Foreground interest

Now you have put the wow in your wow photos, just try a few subtle tweeks in photoshop >filters>topaz and enjoy a play.

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