Is phoneography the future for digital photography?

Imagine if you could go back in time by only 20 years…armed with your iPhone…”what are doing Mate???…ohhh just taking a photograph with my phone….”Yeh right mate…course” Imagine what phoneography is going to be like in the NEXT 20 years from now…how will it look ?

iPhoneography is an art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone. It’s a style of mobile photography that differs from other forms of digital photography in that images are shot and processed on the iOS device. It does not matter whether a photo is edited using different graphics applications or not. However, this issue is often argued over among iPhone photographers.

iPhoneography has grown quickly since the original iPhone 2G with its 2 megapixel camera was released in 2007. As the iPhone cameras improved in both resolution and image quality, more professional photographers ventured into this art form and started recognizing the value of an iPhone image. The New York Times published a summer series of reportages using Instagram in August, 2011. The photographer Damon Winter won prizes for his Hipstamatic photos of the war in Afghanistan.


I think that people are starting to get creative with their phoneography…putting all their knowledge with a dslr into a pocket friendly medium.

Sooo, when I refer to phoneography as being the future of photography, I’m not talking about DSLRs and photography classes and degrees being completely obliterated. But I do mean phoneography could be a trusted medium in the design industry. It has the potential to be trusted enough for people to feel comfortable doing it outside of a hobby, but using it as a legitimate competitor or alternative to those that know how to use a professional Dslr.

Taking a picture with a camera is extremely easy. It has pretty much the same functionality as a point-and-shoot or digital camera. The benefit, of course, is the ability to change many different features such as ISO and aperture .

With certain applications, you can add feeling or texture to your phoneography simply by pushing a button and applying it. Depending on your application, you can run into some cheesy presets, but imagine being able to snap a picture and knowing what it needs to look like in order to put a certain preset on it. That would be a sign of a talented phoneographer.

“The best camera is the one thats with you”…Chase Jarvis

…and your phone is ALWAYS with you RIGHT? Sooo lets apply a bit of camera skills to your phoneography with

You can do some major change to the mood of your phoneography, by forcing your phone to over or under-expose the scene you’re shooting.

One easy-peasy way to do this with your built-in camera app is to tap the screen in the lightest or darkest area and watch the changes that occur.

Try making three photos: One normally, one by tapping a dark area of your scene, and one by tapping the brightest area. Compare the differences!

Imagine yourself as a designer for the day!

Well composed photographs often follow basic design rules, and patterns sure are pretty!

When you go out to do your phoneography, be on the lookout for repeating lines, patterns, and other shapes you can use to turn your photos into art.

If you’re feeling stuck, start by collecting one specific shape; like a triangle!

Filters for your phone are a fantastic way to show off your creativity…just as you would with a dslr.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course, the newer the phone is, the better your camera will be. Companies are figuring out ways to really add some great features to phones. Not just that, but there are companies that have many additions to phones such as camera lenses that chance the look of your pictures (i.e., fish bowl) as well as products that you can connect to your phone that allows you to click and take your picture rather than have to push a button on your touch screen phone—adds that more natural feel.

There are also tripods for your phone, as well as lens mounts that allow you to use your DSLR lens. It’s no telling what will be next as far as advances to features and additions that can make phoneography better.

Tilt/Shift is a blur effect you can apply to your phone photos that mimics the way 4″x5″ film cameras focus selectively. (It has the power to make giant things look miniature, too!)

We like to think of tilt/shift as the seasoning in a recipe for a good photo: (it won’t make a bad photo good, but can ruin a good photo if you use too much.)

With TiltShift Generator, you can control the size and intensity of the blur you add, so you don’t add too much “spice” to the photo recipe at once.

When your phone takes a photo in HDR mode, it’s really taking several photos at once and averaging them all together to make one “perfect” phoneography picture.

Since we’re mad photo scientists, naturally we got to work playing with this feature seeing what kinds of art we could make by breaking it.

We found that if we shake the phone while making a photo in HDR mode, the results can end up looking a lot like old-school double exposures!

The same neat effect can also be seen if you use HDR mode to take photos of things moving past you quickly like cars, planes, or even cows (if you have a tripod!)

HDR effect with phoneography

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