Medium format Hasselblad

The Nikon D800 36mp dslr is knocking on the door of medium format…so how does this compare to a pre-owned Hasselblad?

Depending on the type of photography you enjoy and you can justify spending €2.700 on a new D800…how does it compare to (who some say is THE ultimate camera)…Hasselblad.

A quick search will reveal that with a bit of shopping around, a preowned Hasselblad will cost maybe another couple of thousand up to €8.5000 from a dealer, but which is the better investment…say over 5 years. In 5 years what will you be spending on the latest Nikon/Canon.

Another way to afford a hasselblad is on Ebay…this week there is an example of a Hasselblad 501cm cw 80mm lens with a Phase one H5 Digital back…o.k. it’s an old body and lens combo, but it’s still a Hasselblad and for only €1.987, PLUS you still have €700 change to have a play with. Of course this will apply if you have an old Mamiya laying around.


YouTube Preview Image

Before we go any further…here is a taster of the flagship you may own one day or simply rent., in fact i will stick my neck out and encourage you to rent a Hasselblad for a week.

If you are thinking of going professional…or you get an opportunity to do a pro-shoot…like a Wedding, then Hasselblad has the edge over Nikon…no question.

To demonstrate this comparison between Nikon and Hasselblad, take a look here. Another thing to consider is what would you rather have pleasure of owning? It’s not about “one-up manship”really, it’s about owning something that has a pedigree carved in stone…prestige, status, whatever you want to call it…i have used both Hasselblad and Nikon side-by-side during my time in advertising and when i get asked what camera do i use and answer Nikon…i get asked “which one” like there are obviously some good Nikon’s and some a bit dodgy. However… when i get asked what OTHER “type” of camera do i use and reply Hasselblad, or Hassy…there are no further questions…enough said.

Compare a Hasselblad to another legend…THE Bentley.

I have to smile at the brochures advertising Bentleys/Rolls Royce in comparison to say…Porsche or BMW. Porsche are SO aggressive in their description…the 911…6 cylinders, 3.5 litre engine 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, seven speed gear box…dramatic over exaggerated photos…whereby the Bentley specification goes…engine V8 6.7 Litre…0-60 Adequate…enough said.

 Thanks for looking at todays Hasselblad photography blog and have a great week…G

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