Make a video

Make a video from existing images, add a soundtrack and promote yourself.


Your best shots can come to life again by making a video from them to share on Youtube.

Start with a short, 30 second video, using images with the highest impact first. The first few seconds are the most important to catch AND hold the attention of your reader. For example, when you read a newspaper, if you have not understood the message in the headline/photo in two seconds, the reader turns the page.

There are many ways to startout making a video, however the easiest is with Windows live Movie Maker.

Open your Windows live Movie Maker and start uploading about 30 images, it doesn’t matter which order for now, as you can drag them around to suit and delete later.


Select your choice of music for the soundtrack from your files. I have added some music that is short and punchy as it is only 34 seconds long.


Think about your title…what is the message you are trying to convey? Keep it short. Don’t get bogged down with captions for now, they will come later. Focus on your payoff line in the credits…what impression do you want to leave with people.

Movie themes.

Select from movie THEMES, i usually go for number 5 (nice fade in/out). Video tools next. Here you can alter the length of time for each frame/photo…keep it to about two or four seconds for each frame and alter the fade in and out of the soundtrack in your music tools tab.

Visual and Music tools.

These tools are extremely accurate and provide lots of fun to flex your creative muscles. Keep the length your video to about four minutes, this is plenty of time. Once you get your confidence with these tools, you can show off your creativity in a new way….sign up to YOUTUBE and broadcast your photos.


Before you start with your captions, run your video a few times to check if your image sequence is flowing correctly and add your captions every two or three frames to give your reader time to breathe. Keep your captions short, to the point and maybe add a twist at the end to leave your reader with the message.


New Year photographic inspiration for 2013.

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