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THE ultimate lenses for Canon/Nikon – Schneider – Zeiss PLUS tilt & shift explained.

Specialist lenses for product photography and land/seascapes have the edge over “standard” lenses…so what do you get for your money?

Schneider-Kreuznach introduced several completely new lenses for full frame DSLR cameras at Photokina 2012. A Makro-Symmar and a new Super-Angulon as well as two new Xenon lenses are among the highlights at the photo industry’s most important trade fair.
A newly recalculated Makro-Symmar with a focal length of 85 millimeters and an aperture of 2.4. The range of DSLR lenses has been expanded to include two fixed focal lengths of 35 and 50 millimeters and a fast 1.4 aperture. A new tilt-shift lens is also among the new products: The 28/4.5 Super-Angulon Aspheric is a wide-angle lens especially designed for architectural photography.

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With these four newly recalculated lenses Schneider-Kreuznach meets ever increasing demands resulting from a continuous decrease in pixel size. They have been optimized for maximum performance for the latest sensor sizes and feature outstanding imaging performance. The high optical quality of the lenses was achieved by using high-quality material. “All lenses are calculated in Bad Kreuznach, where they are manufactured with the highest precision. We are particularly proud of the high image quality and the modern design of these new lenses,” says Frithjof Spangenberg, product manager for Photo Imaging at Schneider-Kreuznach. All lenses are available with bayonet mounts for Canon EOS, Nikon-F, Sony Alpha and Pentax-K.

The new products at a glance: 85 mm/2.4 Makro-Symmar, 28 mm/4.5 Super-Angulon Aspheric, 35 mm/1.4 Xenon and 50 mm/1.4 Xenon.

So how do you use Tilt and Shift lenses with your Nikon/Canon?

This first video shows a generic picture of what you can expect from tilt and lenses and a broad view of possible creative influences lenses like this can achieve.

The next demonstration shows more PRECISELY what you can expect when shooting on location with a specific idea in mind, showing you the EXACT results you can achieve by investing your time and efforts into a quality optic…end of the day, you only buy these lenses once…they will stay with you for life and at $3.180, it’s only a fraction of what you would spend over your lifetime.

Now for some Zeiss options for your Nikon, Pentax and Canon.

Starting with Carl Zeiss Distagon special lenses…the Distagon is basically a wide angle T* F=2 25mm lens for Nikon, Pentax and Canon, for a full list of wide angle Distagon lenses available and prices, just go here for a start.

For a full explanation of the Distagon in this video.

Next two types of Carl Zeiss lenses is the Planar design. A Planar 50mm F=1.4 or the 85mm 1.4 produces the most beautiful Bokeh. Then there is the Planar Macro 50mm F2 and the 100mm F2. In the scope of this review we will have a look at the Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.4, a manual focus standard lens. The original symmetrical Planar design was invented in 1896(!) but its various incarnations survived the storms of time. In fact it is the most successful and most copied design in the business. “Planar” originates in the German word plan (“plane” in English) and refers to the flat reproduction characteristic (minimal field curvature). The lens is available for EOS as well but we used the Nikon version via adapter.

For a more complex demonstration of Zeiss lenses for Nikon and Canon.

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