Forced perspective

Forced perspective, expect the unexpected.

Our niche as usual, where you can expect the unexpected with todays creative photography blog

forced perspective

Forced perspective

There is nothing new about forced perspective, however, once you have tried this a few times, you will look at your photography in a more creative way.

Forced perspective is a photographic illusion generally used to make two or more objects seem to be a different size than their actual size. This type of forced perspective is made possible by the single lens of the camera. Unlike your eyes, which work in tandem to create depth perception, the camera only has one eye. As such, the camera has no depth perception, it sees things as flat. The SECRET to success is simple? Make sure you have enough depth of field, F8 – F11.

The Girl with the Camera Tattoo

Prime lenses are great for capturing precise details, but for this exercise, a short zoom lens, or standard Canon/Nikon kit lens will do the job quickly.

Forced perspective is not just relevant to photography.

Forced perspective with street art is fantastic for optical illusions where not only do you get a great sense of depth, but you can get people to interact with street art, which in it’s self creates energetic and interesting pix.

3D street art

When you see someone doing their street art, contribute some money into their bag, then sit back and get some great people shots. I encourage you to offer some money to these guys if you are taking pix of them as i think it would be really hard faced not to. Integrate with people and get them to do all sorts of humourous, or exaggerated things. Some people love to perform and this is a great excuse. I have made some very good friends in situations like this.

Put some phun into your photography.

Yep, it’s cheesy but hey ho.

Get some laughs from your pix with forced perspectives. Think about situations, or interests you know intimately and manipulate your imagination into creating something unique to your interest.

instantShift - Forced Perspective Photography

Turn your holiday shots upside down this year.

You are in a more relaxed mood on holiday, have this forced perspective in mind on holiday this year.

instantShift - Forced Perspective Photography

DSC_0016 1024

Walk or sit

End of the day, forced perspective art or photography just costs a bit of “out-of-the-box” thinking and a sense of fun.



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