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Flower photography will be a series of photography blogs, starting today, Series 1.

After some research into this subject of flower photography, we have decided there so many variants, pixsellpix could not even hope to fit them ALL into one blog…so we will be doing a series of blogs over the next few weeks inbetween our usual photography blogs. If you want to make an input…just give us a heads up.

Flower sculptures or Floralis Generica

Starting this series with a subject that will have a massive impact to your flower photography.

We have all done something different with flowers at some stage…spraying with water and so on…however…pixsellpix.com like to inspire others to create something more creative. So…where do you start, to make your flower photography stand out from the crowd?

We have the Christmas festivities and carnivals just round the corner…a time of year where everything has a tendency for exaggeration with lights decoration and flowers, an ideal place to start looking for subjects for your flower photography.

YouTube Preview Image

We are not suggesting that you start to travel the world in search of some inspiration for your flower photography, we are just showing you examples from around the world to inspire your thoughts towards flower photography as opposed to the “normal”.

Bloemencorso flower parade, Zundert, Netherlands

Firstly, flower photography can cover anything from flower sculptures made from paper to pumpkin carvings and i can imagine some people saying “this is borrowed interest”…Rubbish…if it gets your photography noticed…then it’s a good job done.

Pumpkin Carvings.

flower photography

All credit and hats off to The guys who make these pumpkin carvings…they are just fantastic because of the creative ideas they have…just from a pumpkin…this is the twist in the tale that i admire the most from creative people…and technically, very well executed photographs…imagine adding shots like this to your flower photography…huge impact.

Flower Sculptures to wear.

From earings to hair clips, paper flower sculptures can add more interest to your portraits as well as your flower photography. Maybe you could make your own paper sculptures to photograph or simply buy some and try it out. End of the day ALL these creative products have to be photographed and cataloged by someone, somewhere like this girl who started in 1980.


“I began as a watercolor artist in 1980 and continued through the years experimenting with various art forms until my love of flowers and my concern for the environment gave existence to Flower Sculptures in 1991. Flower Sculptures are a beautiful collection of some 30 species of wildflowers and garden flower pins, earrings and hair accessories hand-sculpted from 140 lb. watercolor paper and then carefully hand-painted using acrylic paint then coated with a water proof sealant. My goal for each piece is to capture a realistic rendering of the actual flower. I believe that in spite of serious environmental injury, the earth still “laughs in flowers”, and that flowers are here to remind us of the immense diversity and sustainability of earth. With Flower Sculptures being sold nationally, it is my hope that each piece can be a little part of spreading that powerful message.”

If you know someone like this girl, then you could earn money photographing and marketing the products.

Whacky flowers.

To create more impact to your flower photography, use some thing different, not the usual materials for making flowers, then use your imagination with various angles to get an unusal perspective…here is an example of a flower made from sticky tape and if you want to see how this guy made this…go here.

Dominic Wilcoxs Giant ScotchBlue Tape Flower Sculpture in sponsor art  Category

Even a skateboard is fair game for flower photography, with some amazing things of interest to photographers made from tin cans and vinyl records. Ohhh and by the way…have you ever wondered where the hell all these sculptures in our public parks come from??? So have i…and i found out where some come from today…and no i am not on a commission either.

Another source of inspiration with flower sculpture is Topiary.

Levens Hall in Cumbria, England is very famous for it’s Topiary gardens and it’s open the general public (commoners) like us..maybe there is a place close to you as an idea.

Last but not least…get to meet artists like Preston Bailey who make floral creations …even HE has to have a photographer to record his work…do you know a florist who would welcome some promotional work? You could combine creating great flower photography, with promoting the florist and make some bucks…i will leave you with that thought.

Preston Bailey DIY Centerpiece


Thanks for looking at todays Flower photography blog and have a great week…G

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