Fisheye lens

Howto make a cheap Fisheye lens, PLUS Macro lens 4 FREE.

Owning a specialist lens like the fisheye lens is fantastic, however, most of us can’t afford to justify the costs of owning a lens that will only be used now and again.

Fisheye lenses are great for getting bags of impact in your pix if you use them appropriately and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Personally, if i was going on a special shoot to include the use of a specialist lens, i would rent one. If i wanted a fisheye as part of my kit….i would simply make one like this.

Of course there are other alternatives to a fisheye lens, using a peephole lens, similar to the ones in security doors.

fisheye lens

Or there is this alternative to an expensive Fisheye lens

We’re thrilled to finally have found a way to capture 180 hemispherical degrees that won’t throw us for broke. Here’s a fun Fisheye lens Adapter that simply screws onto the end of your SLR’s zoom lens!

This fisheye lens adapter’s extremely wide angle and super short focal length twists, distorts, and warps your photos into perfect circles turning all that’s rectilinear, curvilinear. It’s made out of multi-coated high definition optical glass that’s got a big thing for colour. Because it’s an adapter and not just a lens it picks up and bounces off the dandiest little pieces of lens flare.

So the next time our good ‘ol zoom lens isn’t feeling fit for the job, we’re buddying up with The Fisheye lens. It’s more than just cutting a square into a circle (you can do that in Photoshop) it’s about all about the edge.

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Macro lenses are also fanatastic for getting more impact with your images. Here is a FREE way of getting a Macro lens explained in this video.

New Year photographic inspiration for 2013.

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