Ebay scams

Ebay scams and feedback extortion.

As a polite warning to legitimate, honest ebay sellers, your 100% feedback score can be damaged due to ebay scams and there is nothing you can do.

I have been trading on Ebay now for 6 years up till last year, mainly selling vintage cameras and enjoyed 100% feedback rating. However, over these years, ebay’s policies have changed and ebay scams are on the increase. Very positive for buyers…very negative for sellers.

ebay scams

Now my feedback rating is 96.2% due to the last inexperienced ebay member rives1986 with a score of 8 (eight) making a false and defamatory comment about an item he purchased from me, with no evidence to support his claim and crystal clear images to support my defence against ebay scams. I am making a point of revealing this ebay member as a warning to others and i have blocked this person.

You will like this: five minutes ago, this guy rives1986 sent me a message through ebay: Quote ” That’s as easy as ohhhh fear created another account and put back negative, I’ll suck your cock for a while fagot”

Spanish version: Quote “Que miedo ohhhh tan facil como crearse otra cuenta y volver a ponerte negativos,Me vas a chupar la polla un buen rato maricon”

If any one sends you any abuse like this for no reason, just report them and put a block on them. Delete any bids from newcomers.

This Cretin says my listing is false, despite my routine to photograph the item in studio conditions, with a professional camera. Resource information about the item to include the year of manufacture and the materials it’s made from, so potential bidders know exactly what they are bidding for and can see any imperfection from the photograph (sharpened in photoshop). These type of Ebay scams are on the increase from inexperienced ebayers. A claim of rust on a razor with a nickel plated head and an aluminium handle, yet this is still NOT ENOUGH for ebay.

In essence, with ebay’s current  seller policies, i could buy from anyone with a 100% feedback and leave a negative, without any evidence, whatsoever and there is nothing you as a seller can do and Ebay will do nothing either.

Of course, you can apply for a Notice of False and deflamatotry content and have the comment removed. BUT! The negative feedback score REMAINS AT 96.2%. Ebay scams at it’s worst, as you have no control over snipers like this.

Is Paypal Greedy?

Another thing that made me see red last week was paypal. I sent a friend the sum of £350 via paypal and was charged over £13 for this ONE transaction. Everyone knows bank transfers are free, but paypal make these ridiculous charges. This is just a rip-off x how many people fall victim of this greed? Plus ebay charge you a percentage of YOUR postal costs too, whatever next?

Australian Courts decide.

More than anything, however, I am not alone in thinking PayPal and eBay should be prevented from ganging up against honest traders purely to keep their share of money spent by aggressive and dishonest buyers on eBay. In a positive light, the Australian courts have already cut the cord that binds eBay and PayPal, and Australian sellers can decide if PayPal is acceptable to their businesses, or not.

What is this eBay scam and how does it work:

 These ebay scams help “buyers” keep your product and claim a refund. It works where a buyer reports you to eBay for some reason, to my mind any reason will do, and that person escalates the claim to a dispute. When the dispute shows up in your eBay account you have the option of offering a refund right away… or of suffering consequences of the kind I’ll reveal now. This are ebay scams.

 It happened to me this week when a man threatened to leave negative feedback unless I gave him a partial refund on his purchase. Instead, I asked him to return the item for a full refund. These are ebay scams / extortion.

 The threats of negative feedback continued so I opened a “Feedback Extortion” case again him, not for my own sake but to prevent other eBayers suffering similar upsets.

 A short while later eBay replied, saying they agreed it looked like feedback extortion and they promised to remove any negative feedback left by the buyer.

 As a result of the dispute and, as a formality, PayPal froze his payment in my PayPal account. Quite rightly so, but I was certain I’d get the money back because eBay was on my side.

 But, instead, all that happens is I get a telephone call from PayPal America, asking what I am doing about the dispute against me. I tell them about the feedback extortion case but they aren’t interested and say all they want to know is what I am doing to sort out the dispute against me. I tell them again, several times the dispute is not against me, but they simply repeat the same bog standard question – “What are you doing about the dispute against you?” And that is when I begin feeling threatened and ask “Is my PayPal account in jeopardy here?” To which they reply “Not if you sort out the dispute against you!”

 And that’s when I realise I am in danger of losing my eBay business due to these ebay scams– because you can’t sell on eBay without a PayPal account – so I refund the blackmailer seconds after the telephone call ends. And now that person has my product, and his money back, as well as the postage used to deliver the product.

 I complained to eBay and to PayPal and, to be fair, PayPal offered an unreserved apology.

 Now I have just spent a week worrying about upsetting another eBay buyer and picking up the phone only to find out it’s a PayPal representative from America and I’m about to lose another £500 in unnecessary refunds! Ebay scams are on the increase.

How to remove negative feedback

Legalised Robbery

While eBay does try to make a small effort to weed out repeat ebay scams, their financial clearinghouse sister-company named PayPal does not. So when I packaged an item on Saturday morning and drove it off to the Post Office in hopes of impressing a buyer having only three previous eBay transactions with an especially prompt delivery, I was unprepared for a notification of a newly opened case that alerted me two days later. The brief details indicated an unopened yet somehow empty package was received. Apparently a printed shipping label with the package weight and tracking number aren’t enough to defend my position against these ebay scams, so I responded to the claim that a full refund would be given upon return of the claimed ‘empty envelope’, and then patiently waited.

Ebay scams

Weeks later the buyer wrote to me using the email address PayPal reveals to them (and thus bypassing the eBay message system), telling me the item was found loose in a bin and delivered. I was relieved, and messaged the buyer to kindly close the claim. As a precaution, I submitted a screen shot of the buyers email into the still-open PayPal claim, expecting it to become moot once the buyer logged in and pressed a button to close the case. This didn’t happen, and instead a few days later PayPal charged my account for eBay’s listing, shipping, and selling fees along with their own payment brokerage fee, and then refunded the buyer his entire paid purchase cost. I was stunned by how closely this resembled a legal form of robbery. Amazing ebay scams…whats next?

I have since learned that PayPal has a policy to automatically side with buyer whenever an ‘empty envelope’ claim is made, even when USPS delivers the parcel without a damage/open package notice, and even if there’s evidence attached to the claim that clearly reveals that a buyer has received the item. The only way to win a claim and keep your payment, is for the buyer to close the case. So I called PayPal and spoke to a case specialist and two supervisors about these ebay scams, but none of them showed any interest in the details of my case. They made the bottom line very clear and simple: unless the buyer manually reports the item as received and then closes the claim, the buyer gets their money back and can keep the claimed ‘empty package’ along with the item sold to them. Just imagine the impact this policy has on legitimate sellers who are scammed out of their goods by over-protected buyers. This is probably the worst of ebay scams.

Tell us your worst ebay/paypal nightmare in our comment box.

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