Dog photography – – Dog photography…simple techniques to achieve great photos of your dog every time…WARNING…this blog will have you in stitches at the end.

Very easy things to remember when you are out to do your dog photography…just follow these steps for great results EVERY TIME.

Natural Light.

Even if your dog is an “indoor dude” do try to get him/her outside, as natural light will bring out the best colours/textures in the coat…ideal day would be a bright…ish overcast day, to avoid harsh strong sunlight. If you have only really harsh light to cope with, then find some open shade under a tree. Failing this, if you can’t get your pouch to go outside, then go up to a window for some natural light there. One more tip with the light/dog photography…have your dog facing the light source, even if the sun is behind the clouds, you will still get some light reflected in the eyes.

Next to remember…Eyes.

O.k. before you even start to shoot…think about your camera…where is your focus point in your viewfinder…centre, to the right/left…you need to control the point of focus onto the eyes of the dog…next…how much do you want in focus, this will determine your aperture…wide open F= 1.8 – 2.8 for a small depth of field and a nice Bokeh… or F=8 – 11 to have everything in focus. IF your dog will stay still for longer then 3 seconds…manual focus is a good thing…make sure your diopter is set correctly though.

Personality is very important part of your dog photography.

A really crucial part of dog photography is bringing out the personality of the dog in your photos…which is obvious i know and easy to do with your OWN DOG because you know what makes your dog “tick”…however…when you are photographing someone elses dog…a complete stranger…you will need to ask what the dog enjoys doing best. For example…my Sons dog Evie, just goes mad for water…in this element you can capture the texture of the coat and some really good action shots that will make the personality of the dog shine.

dog photography


Avoid using flash with your dog photography

Flash can be very distracting for any animal and could result in some amateurish “red – eye” shots and distort the colour balance and shadows. If you have to use flash…then cover/diffuse the flash source…Ohhh and BTW, if you want see more of my photography “little secrets”…pop your head around this corner.

photography tricks

Try different positions to take your shots.

You will find new inspiration to your dog photography when go down to their level.

Don’t worry about getting your knees dirty…it’s a different world down there at dog level…you will see things as they do and the difference will be rewarded in your dog photography…your knees can have a wash later… better still…take a shot of the dog AND your knees…there’s a story to tell for the future.

Last thing to consider is to get your hands on a PRIME lens.

A prime lens can make a HUGE difference to your images. Don’t concern yourself with focal length, just use what you can…wide angle is great for close-up shots…telephoto is great for blurring the background. Even a standard 50mm prime lens of an old film camera makes an ideal focal length (equivalent to 75mm…approx) for portraits and usually the old prime optics are not to be underestimated…albeit you will have to manual focus, but i use my dads Takumar lenses from 1973 and the 55mm Takumar is better then my Nikon…and cheaper.

Lastly…one more tip for your dog photography.

Most important…in fact THE most important thing about dog photography…have a laugh. This next video will just have you crying with laughter..especially if you own a dog yourself, you will relate to the dog here…soooo, go and get some tissues for your eyes and glasses…another pack of biscuits…don’t forget your brew…and have a laugh at this.

YouTube Preview Image

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