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The glamourous world of Glamour Photography can be VERY expensive, with special lighting and equipment…however…ACTUALLY all you need is a good location, (this adds some “borrowed interest” to your pix) where there is plenty of shade, complimented by natural light and a grey card. Enjoy this educational video and please try and concentrate on the tips for correct lighting and exposure….ahem.

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 To get the best from your Glamour Photography, take a MINIMUM of 24 various poses, looks, styles and background combinations. This will ensure at least 12 or so great photos. I shoot with a wide open aperture and a fast shutter speed. Focus is critical (Thank God for auto focus!)

 Have your props and Glamour photography Wraps close by, so you can just reach over and get them without having to leave your subject. shoot digital and can display the photo just taken, instantly on a large color TV. The client can instantly see what I just took. This impresses them on how well they look and they really get in to your glamour photography session. It also give me instant feedback on the lighting, focus, their taste in styles, etc.

Glamour Photography

 By shooting slightly above the model, you force her to look ‘up’ showing a bit of whites under the color part of the eyes. Speaking of the eyes, ALWAYS focus on the eyes! You also want that sparkle of a catch light in the eyes.

 Have her breath through her mouth instead of her nose. The slight separation of her lips is more sexy and makes her a more relaxed lokk for your glamour photography.

 Have her turn her head slightly away from the camera and look at the camera with her eyes, chin slightly down for a sexier look.

 Always direct her to turn her head by telling her move her “nose” slightly to the right or left …the rest of her face will magically follow.

 When you understand how to use ambient lighting…all you need is your imagination to shoot Glamour Photography…on a budget…hope you enjoyed todays Blog.

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