Christmas photography ideas –

Best places for Christmas photography ideas… Christmas markets.

The Volksbank Slovakia chief financial analyst says, it may enhance the experience because “the main draw of these markets isn’t just the buying and selling of wares.”

Correct…it’s a great venue for Christmas photography !!!

The streets are just bursting with ideas for Christmas photography at these Festive markets…every corner you turn, you come across something new and interesting.

Germany is famous for its many markets, including those in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden and Nuremberg. But markets in small towns like pretty Trieste also have an intimate charm to capture in your Christmas photography.

The streets are heady with the different smells…sweet scents of Cinnamon from the mulled wine…salty, sweet wafts of steam from a Hog Roast, try and capture this atmosphere with your Christmas photography.

Get in close.

Christmas photography

Get in close

Get in close with a prime lens to capture details in your Christmas photography…you can use these images for future abstracts and your own digital art.

Practice your Bokeh techniques.

Christmas photography

This is a great opportunity to flex your creative muscle with the various Bokeh techniques you have learned…look for opposite colours, like this example above.

People watching.

Christmas photography

A favourite pastime for most photographers…capturing someone’s character, or someone doing something funny…an “off guard” moment.

Make your Christmas photography unique…in England, like other places, each market has its own personality. There’s a “Dickens Christmas at Rochester Castle” in Kent that’s small but nice. The castle is lit up at night makes a beautiful backdrop. Other markets use a Victorian theme like Ulverston in Cumbria…home town of Stan Laurel (Laurel and Hardy) and some specialize in German or other European goods such as Manchester’s Albert Square (starts early 17th November and ends this weekend) and St.Annes Square Christmas Markets; some have street performers in costume. The merchandise can be very good, especially textiles, artwork and jewelry. Food and drink includes spiced wines, teas, roasted chestnuts, sausages and baked goods.

After a day on the streets, get yourself checked into a pre-booked prominent Hotel for the night and get a window above everything and concentrate on having some beer…and some long exposures…get a different angle on your Christmas photography, you might get lucky with firework displays on Christmas Eve.


Don’t expect bargains. These markets are about tradition, camaraderie, family and the holiday spirit, and well-crafted handmade goods don’t come cheap.

Not all countries in Europe use the euro. Those using their own currencies may accept euros as payment but you’ll probably get change back in the local money. And don’t count on using credit cards – market vendors are often cash-only.

Go with the flow and relax. Stroll through these little wonderlands, pick up some unique gifts, sample the local cuisine. And don’t forget the gluehwein!

Enjoy, your Christmas break…only a few days to go now to spend some time with your friends and families…so…before you go, spare some time for others that may not be as fortunate.

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