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Future cameras will include a chip inplant, behind your ear. Look at your subject and BLINK…thats your photo, this is technology.

 Digital technology has changed our beloved cameras forever…but where is it going? When you have the latest Nikon chip implanted behind your ear, when your eyes and brain become “the camera”…will you still crave for the pure form of art/photography?


50 years ago, Nikon introduced their first professional SLR “F” camera. This is an era where a photographer was highly regarded, respected for their skills and paid handsomely at $300 a day…however…since the introduction of digital, “ordinary people” became photographers overnight. The technology for cameras has developed at such an alarming rate, the market is now saturated with images…for FREE.

Somewhere along the way…something has been lost with photography. What would have classed as an outstanding photograph, even 10 years ago, will maybe get a glance and then ignored. So what is the future for cameras and a professional photographer? Will there be any need for professional photographers with their expensive cameras when an Art Directer for an Ad Agency can do a product shot with his phone and keep the costs “in house”? My thoughts are that all this will go around in a big circle…somehow…when somebody puts a lens up their bottom and calls themselves a “fartographer”.

Mid range DSLR cameras that most photographers can afford, will go down the same road as film within the next decade (or less) and be replaced with mirrorless miracles of technology.(When is someone going to get their finger out and invent “smellyvision”?)

YouTube Preview Image

Nikon, Canon and other major companies will be producing cameras that can shoot in the dark with unlimited ISO and no noise or grain.

HDR will be standard for future cameras and universal batteries.

ALL cameras will have GPS/3G…so people can find YOU at the touch of a screen.

Will Canon be the first to introduce a 15mm – 5000mm lens to match their Gigapixel cameras, or will it be Nikon?

One camera system that will never lose it’s colour is Red

I can’t see cameras like these disappearing for ever with technology that will produce 5K burst modes, or any other specialist cameras.

I anticipate that the urge to produce art/photography will never change… how we do it will.

One thing i did not anticipate is people…young people and their ideas that they are ALWAYS right…is this a growing trend?

A young guy approached me one day and asked me what i was doing…i was polishing an old rangefinder i am selling next week…so, i showed this guy the rangefinder film camera and as he was looking through the viewfinder he said “i am going to university to study photography”, so i praised him “Bravo…Bravo” good for you!

Then this guy asked why do i still use film cameras, paying for expensive film/development, when digital is for free? I replied that i like the precision craftsmanship of old/vintage cameras and that they had a different “feel” to them…and besides, these cameras where all you had BEFORE digital came along…to which this pimply youth replied ” Don’t be stupid…Digital has ALWAYS been here…hasn’t it?”

Some times it’s best to remain silent and be thought as a fool, rather open one’s mouth and remove all doubt…here are some more interesting gizmoz.

One thing is for definate…i won’t be around in 2075, but this is how it may turn out.


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