Boudoir photography poses

Bridal Boudoir is a growing trend. Also Valentine’s day is on it’s way.

This is the 2nd part of a series of blogs on the lovely subject of Boudoir photography.

When you want to see the first Boudoir blog follow this link. So, Bridal Boudoir is a lovely idea for your fella, or even your new husband! Lets face it, you are going to look a million dollars on your wedding day, so why not go for gold and have everything to remember for your future and capture an intimate moment to treasure.

This Boudoir photography blog will suggest ways to make your photography a success by focusing on every detail.

Eyes and facial expression.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

boudoir photography poses

Boobies and wobbly bottoms are very endearing for Boudoir, but nothing smoulders like the eyes. When the eyes are not alive with fun, your boudoir photos will be lost.

If your model is tense, nothing is going to happen till she starts smiling. Imagine…the look your are trying to achieve is when you desperately trying to stop laughing…you are biting your bottom lip, but your eyes give the game away. Put your image on a larger screen than the one on your camera and cover her mouth with your hand, or card, the eyes should STILL be smiling. Things should start to relax as the shoot progresses, if they don’t, you are doing something dreadfully wrong.

Get a stylist/ hairdresser, extra attention to make-up.

I know this sounds obvious, but now is not the time to start cutting corners…anyway, the model deserves to be pampered i think. Take a look at the transformation that can be achieved on the day in this video before and after. Show this video to your stylist for some inspiration, your model could be on her way to a completely NEW look for 2013…will be fantastic for your portfolio too.

Lingerie and shoes (the ones you can’t walk in).

Sometimes in photography, it’s what you leave out that is just as important as what you put in. Subtlety is a good start for Boudoir. A hint to tease your imagination, adds more power to your photos. Thongy things are acceptable and are great for dental flossing, catapults etc. but for some fantastic shops to start you off, here is a short list to whet your appetite.


 This would be sexy as a gift for a husband on a honeymoon. Adding this as part of a package deal.

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Natural lighting.

Natural subdued lighting is more flattering for skin tones, enhanced with a reflector to help your boudoir photos.

 Silver reflectors will bounce a cooler toned light onto the subject to help fill in the shadows under the eyes, neck and other areas that will prevent the person from not liking the photo Metallic linings (like silver) makes the diffused or reflected light harder. In effect, it adds more more contrast to your boudoir shots than a solid white lining on a reflector.

 White linings will reflect more neutral lighting.

 Gold reflectors will reflect extremely warm lighting onto your subject. Now, depending on skin tones, wardrobe, and the exact look, this may or may not be what you want.

 Soft Gold (aka Gold and Silver mix) will do the same as a gold reflector but much more subtle. Think of it as dialing in an intensity level.

White balance.

Make sure to alter your white balance settings whilst your model is preparing for her boudoir session. Your white balance will have a huge affect on skin tones according to different lighting conditions. All cameras are slightly different, so just experiment to compensate, switch off the auto white balance. Keep your ISO as low as possible, shoot in Raw and use a monopod or tripod where you can.

Best poses for Boudoir.

One of the best, or most flattering poses for boudoir is from slightly above the model with model side facing the light source with hips pointing to the cameras line of view. This makes the waist look half this size of a portrait full on.

Bridal and Groom Inspired Boudoir Shoot by Melissa Munding Photography

Backlighting, or extreme side lighting can create a mood rather than revealing everything and can be a refreshing change to your boudoir portfolio.

mybeloveds:    A Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot for her husband. Photography by Raw Photo Design

Bridal Pin-Up Boudoir by Alexander Devora

More practical poses to experiment with in this video.

Next Boudoir photography blog, pixsellpix will be going into creating images with a different twist.

Talking of twists, forget the cookie jar today, come alive and do the jive…if you’ve never been kissed, get up and do the twist.

New Year photographic inspiration for 2013.

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