2013 Resolutions

Resolutions for 2013 that will change your ways of creating digital images.

Occasionally, most Artists and photographers look at their work and re-evaluate how they could improve and maybe change the way they look at things. Every artist is their own worst critic, even when your work is of a high standard, you can feel stale when you  compare your work to others. Here is a brand new year a fantastic opportunity to try some brand new resolutions and refresh your work.

Six of the best photography exhibitions can be found here.

Resolutions 1 for 2013, a bit of retail therapy… new lens.

There is no doubt that a spot of retail therapy gives you that “feel good” factor, all you lady photographers will agree whole heartedly with this, after all, at this time of year the sales are on…a great resolution to treat yourself to a new lens. If you have been using a standard kit lens that comes with your digital camera, a new lens will make you see things in a different way. Think of the amazing images you can capture with a fish eye lens, or get in close with a macro lens. Santa came this year with a new Nikon prime lens, so this is the first of my new year resolutions.


Resolutions 2…have a look in your kitbag.

Is there a camera, or lens, even filters that you haven’t used for years? Empty your camera bag and look at all your gear in a different way than you did 12 months ago. You have probably learned a lot of new photographic skills over this period. There maybe something lurking, that you have completely forgotten about, a piece of equipment you could use in a different way…it’s in here somewhere!

Resolutions 3…if you only shoot digital because it’s free, you are missing out.

Make some resolutions to getting your hands on an analogue camera and some film. It’s NOT expensive, this is your hobby, some people have this idea that film is expensive because they are comparing it to FREE digital. They should not compare digital with film, it’s completely different and could make the difference in how you see things this year plus all the years to come. Just try it once, you will be hooked. In America, film is on a par with digital, even professionally, some clients actually specify that their products are shot on film…really.

vintage cameras

Resolutions 4…change your routine.

Just getting up before the sun one day a week, will wake you up to seeing your photography in a different way. I have made this one of my resolutions, on a Sunday before the sunrise. It’s amazing what you can achieve in this special time. The light is completely different, you get that sense of achievement…another feel good factor.

Walk on clouds

Resolution 5…plan your shoots more.

Forward planning is one of the better resolutions. Find out in advance where big events are being held like New Wave Photography 2013 in London and Krakow. The Venice Carnival 2nd – 12th february 2013. This is a must in your “to do” list at some time, if not this year, go one year and plan at least a 2 night stay. Get up early to capture Venice at it’s best, when the streets are empty…you can always have nap later. Local venues are great places, you could make one of your resolutions to join the National Trust and see some of the beautiful estates in England like Chatsworth.

Venice carnival

Resolution 6…experiment with focus.

Now you have invested in your new lens (ordered online already) as a committment to your new years resolutions, experiment with manual focus. If you always use auto-focus in your camera, switch it OFF. Focusing manually will refresh what you are used to seeing and can transform your digital images immediately. Focusing on different areas of the frame with a wide aperture and you are already producing some lovely Bokeh.

Bokeh technique

Bokeh technique

Resolution 7…choose a subject to photograph that you know nothing about.

By choosing a subject you have little or no knowledge of will be more of a challenge than a resolution. You will have to spend time researching all the possible details of your chosen subject or activity to achieve an impressive image. This will change the way you look at your images, combining all your photographic skills in a different environment.

Resolution 8…try a time lapse.

Make it one of your resolutions to do a timelapse during the year, say at night camping out on the beach in summer, or at least some extra long exposures to change the way you create your images for ever. Painting with light is great when your camera is on a pod, but try and do a long exposure, starting with a 15th of a second, HAND HELD moving the camera up and down then left/right and see what comes out. This technique is really good at night against some bright lights.

DSC_0112 night shot

Lastly…one of the most important resolutions you can make. Keep a note pad and pen at the side of the bed.

The number of times i have laid in bed and had a flash of inspiration from nowhere and couldn’t be bothered to get up and write it down. In the morning, that idea has evaporated as fast as it came. So i always keep a note pad to hand at the side of the bed. Sounds a bit eccentric i know, but it works…i remember everything now…i just forget to switch the alarm on.

New Year photographic inspiration for 2013.

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