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Welcome to pixsellpix.com Digital Photography.

For beginners wanting to learn fast and intermediates seeking inspiration, we are one trusted blog that fully answers your questions about digital photography.

Inspiration for digital photography

We can inspire you to become more proficient with your digital and film photography skills, long term. We share a great sense of humour, we are committed to producing great digital photography blogs pus all the latest photography gear and trends.

A better understanding of your digital photography

You don’t need to trawl through endless search engines when there is new updated content every week.

A great reference point for facts on Digital Photography.

Comment boxes on each page and post for you to request information on your topic of interest or a particular subject of digital photography for example, lenses, techniques, best buys and where to rent the best photographic gear.

Pixsellpix.com is resourceful, valuable and fun.
Our Digital Photography blog is continuously updated for latest trends, hot topics, digital and film (from 35mm to large format) to inspire your creativity.

Promote your business, events, special services or new products with our bespoke videos tailored to your special, unique requirements. In the first instance, you can contact us directly to discuss your promotions.


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Digital photography inspiration for 2013.

pixsellpix is a fast growing viral photography blog that is recognised for humour and great content. Keep us here for 2013 and the future by please donating a small amount.

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Pixsellpix.com Digital photography

Pixsellpix.com Digital photography

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